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Virtual Gift: The Gift of Hope

The Gift of Hope: An hour of childhood cancer research

Change the future for children with cancer by funding world-class research into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and consequences of childhood cancers.

This gift will help us to boost our investment into childhood cancer research. Research into children’s cancer saves lives.

The outstanding progress made in cancer treatment is the result of extensive research studies and clinical trials over the last 45 years which now underpin today’s standard treatments. During this time, CCLG has played a key role in the success seen in the world of children’s cancer so that now over 80% of children are cured.

But there are still some childhood cancers with a poor outlook, and some treatments can have long-lasting and devastating side effects. Further research is vital to improve survival rates and to find kinder treatments.

We fund world-class research into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and consequences of childhood cancers. Our research projects broaden and deepen our knowledge and understanding of childhood cancers, assist in transferring research progress from the lab to the bedside, and cover all aspects of treatment and care.

What's included?

Your choice of premium quality A5 greeting card, with envelope, and a personalisable gift certificate explaining the gift you have purchased.

How does it work?

We post the virtual gift to you, for you to personalise and give to your chosen recipient.